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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pop Shop Kitty Cute Collection Lipstick Review

I really forgot to review this nice products. I remember i got this from a Tupperware dealer and i also remembered that this one is a limited edition,
so I don't know if they are still selling this product today.

The lipstick was sealed with a plastic and the product name,description and stuff are just in a sticker that was stamped outside the cover of the lipstick. I also like that the packaging is very travel friendly it super small that can fit on your coin purse.

The lipstick is very creamy lipstick and also a pigmented one.

Well it doesn't last a long time maybe an hour but its okay its really really cheap so that's fine and also it comes off easily if you eat something.

 I cant really remember how many available shades they have but I've got the shade FELINE . This shade is like common/normal pink shade of lipstick.

with flash

without flash

[L] with flash ; [R] without flash


► Travel friendly packaging
► Affordable/cheap
(PRICE RANGE: Php 80-90)
► No smell

► Packaging
I'm not really expecting too much to it but i just don't like that the brand name designs and stuff are just in a sticker pasted on the tube. Unlike the Aido Classic Lipstick; it is way more cheaper than this one but the packaging is very nice and classy.


Where to buy:
Tupperware Dealer/Store

I like this product that's why I don't know why  I forgot to  make a review for this hehehe
Thanks for the time to read. Hope you enjoy!
See you on my next post!


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