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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Online Shopping: The Primp Pad | ELF Products

photo courtesy of The Primp Pad facebook

A quick post on what i bought on The Primp Pad online shop.

Here's the look of the parcel.

Its  nice that it is covered with a lot of bubble wrap because it really secure your orders

I bought 2 ELF products on the primp pad as a gift for myself last January.I've been wanting  to buy at their shop and try a lot of  affordable products they;re selling. So when my birthday came around, i have now a reason to tell to my parents when i ask them for some extra money hehehehe .

The first thing that  i got is this ELF Eye Blending Brush
Price: Php 68.00

I thought fall out siya but then nung kinuha ko nakadikit parin siya sa brush,so maybe naipit lang kaya nakabend?

I'm supposed to buy the Blush/Bronzer Brush too, but sad to say its out of stock :( but anyways,
The second one that i got is this ELF Liquid Eyeliner, I'm more excited to use this because it is my first time to try this kind of eyeliner.

ELF Liquid Eyeliner
Price: 68.00

I am very happy with my first buy on The Primp Pad, I've experience smooth and fast transaction with them, So guys better check out their shop, they're selling authentic and affordable makeup products.

The Primp Pad website:

The Primp Pad facebook

The Primp Pad instagram

That's all for this post I hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks for the time to read.
See you on my next post!!


All products are 
bought with my
 own money.


  1. Hi Sharleen, I tried that liquid eyeliner from ELF too.. Ayon medyo uncontrollable sya.. What's your score for ELF?

    1. Hello Emem, well hindi ko pa talaga siya totally ginagamit, pero when i first swatch it on my hands hindi siya ganun kapigmented and medyo watery siya. I dont know if it will last,I'll probably make a review din nito. Thanks for dropping by :)

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  3. How long before you received your items? I placed orders from their website yesterday, paid for it on the same day (at 10:30-ish AM) but I haven't heard from them until now.

    1. Hello, Ms. Lablablab Carlos! Have you received your orders already? If not try to contact them thru Facebook or email, hope this helps! Thanks for dropping by :)

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