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Monday, August 18, 2014

《CAST’EE》 Air Stocking Spray Review

Hey guys! Wanna know what product is this? Do you find it intriguing and interesting? If yes, check it out and keep on reading for you to find out.

Hello guys, I tried a new product and I wanted to share it with you guys. It is called《CAST’EE》Air Stocking Spray, from send me this product so i can review it.

They gave me 3 pcs of it as its a set/package, it comes in a bubble wrap and instructions inside aswell.

Castee Air Stocking Spray is a leg concealer makeup that whitens your legs instantly.Its perfect for those people who always and wants to wear super short shorts, it gives you whiter and fairer legs. You can also apply it to your arms and back. So, if you're that person who wants to flaunt of your skin and legs but afraid to show it because of some scar/dark problems or whatever reason you may have. Worry no more because this product is perfect for you.

Please watch the video on How to use Castee Air Stocking Spray:

★ Directions of Use:- Shake the bottle several times for mix well.
- Apply to clean dry skin.
- Press and spray about 20cm away from the skin.
- Apply and spread quickly with your fingertips.
- Allow to dry thoroughly before wearing clothes or shoes.
- wash it out with water and soap.
from their website

Additional info:
You have to wait it to set and blend the product on your skin to achieve a very natural effect.

Here is a swatch.

You can see its like foundation, but its more like a tinted moisturizer for your skin.

 Upper Legs: Without Castee; Lower Legs: With Castee
See the difference?

Left: Without Castee; Right: With Castee

Both with Castee


♛ Smoothes and covers uneven skin on legs.

♛ Functions as tinted moisturizer for legs.

♛ Without uneasiness of traditional panty hose.

♛ Water-proof and sweat-proof; also applicable to arms and back.

♛ Covering effect sustains for 8 hours; won’t wear off on clothes.
Highlights description is from their website 
We tried it on my cousins stitch scar but sad to say it didn't conceal my cousins scar. Even my big bruise it didn't conceals it (you can see it on my video).

I think this product can only conceals small scar/dark problems as you can see on my cousins stitch problem its kinda big.
(OHMYGOSH! I hope you get what i mean on this part, its really hard to explain.)
Still, its a good product 'coz not everyone has the same problem as my cousins.

Upper Legs: With Castee; Lower Legs: Without Castee
I also tried it on my sisters legs.So what can you say?, You be the judge :)


 doesn't have strong smell so its a plus point for this product.

Long Lasting
Oh Boy !  its stays on like forever (kidding!) But its true its very long lasting, its stays like more than 8 hours.

Not Greasy
after application, it will gives you immediately smooth skin/feeling   

Sweat proof
Smudge proof


 I don't know what happened but I think the darkness of my knees stands out more. So, it didn't conceals bigger dark problems.


What can you say on this product?
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