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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My Favorite Makeup Product

Although I'm a beauty blogger, I don't wear makeup everyday especially if i'm going to school, yeah, consider doing my eyebrows a makeup but other than that like foundation,eyeliners, and others, No! I don't wear them.
I felt icky whenever I wear them to school especially at a time when it's humid and hot because I tend to sweat a lot too so I felt uncomfortable.

But whenever I'm in a mood to put some makeup on, the only product that I wore to school is the EB Advance Lip and Cheek stain. This product is one of my must haves.

This products is really amazing and my all time favorite because this product for its affordable price has a dual purpose; for cheeks and lips. How amazing is that right?! In addition, this product last longer on my face so its very perfect for the students like me and even if you're not a student too, because I don't need to reapply it by the mid day. 

Also one of the thing I like about this product is that it gives me the natural effect and glow every time I use it. Who wouldn't like that? And that how I like it, being natural, to yourself and to your beauty.

What is your favorite makeup product?
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Good luck to us!
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  1. Your eyes look so large and luminous, Sharleen Garcia . I hope you were able to retrieve your color chart because the look Sarah did for you is perfect. You look lovely and it's always so fun to try something new or different from our same old.