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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Meal Management

Hello guys! I'd like to update you guys about what is going on with my life now and the reason behind why I can't regularly update this blog.

Last June, I started to went to university, I am now a college student, taking up a Bachelor of Technology Major in Nutrition and Food Technology at Technological University of the Philippines (TUP).

As the semester ends, I'd like to share the different varieties of food we've cooked for the whole semester

Our adviser grouped us into 4, and I was belong to the first group. We are going to cook the assigned cookery on the day of our laboratory

Our first laboratory was individual, I was assigned to cook the over hard type of egg cooking.

"Over hard is fried, flipped, and fried again – usually with the yolk broken – until both the white and the yolk are completely cooked."
definition copy from:

I'm not really fond of my presentation that time, i felt sad because its not very pleasing enough to me.That i why i was shocked and surprise when my professor said that my work is his top 1. hehehe

The following pictures you'll gonna see below is what we have cooked for the whole sem.

Cheesy Chicken Chowder

Deviled Egg and Leche Flan

Suman Malagkit

Maja Blanca

When we made this, yung gata (coconut milk) namin panis na, so we have to run to the supermarket to redo our maja blanca, hahaha grabe so unforgettable experience.

Pad Thai

I remember this Pad Thai is so fail hahaha, it came out very soury i don't know what happen we just follow our recipe naman. 

Potato Medallion and Mango Parfait

Fruit Carving: Flower and Leaf

Lumpiang Isda

Camaron Rebusado

So that's all the foods that we've cooked I hope you enjoy this post. I'm pretty sure that you'll be seeing this kind of post as the second semester ends
Thanks you guys for the time to read!
I hope you have a great day ahead!
See you on my next post 


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