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Friday, July 19, 2013

Aido Colour Pencil Review

I'm really busy that i nearly forgot to review the products on my Mini Haul (Check HERE)
So today i'm going to review the Aido Colour Pencil. I'm looking for really nice
eye pencil that is affordable (yung kaya ng allowance ko) and i found this when i was lurking in the kiosk of Fashion 21, i didn't have the time to test it because its sealed and there was no tester so i said "Okay na yan!!", then when i got home i test it agad and i was like BOOM ! Frustrated ! well i didn't expect too much about this product pero alam mo yun it makes me feel that my money is so sayang.

What i don't like :
Pigmentation: When i swatch it okay lang siya pero nung iapply ko siya sa waterline parang wala ka lang nilagay.
It makes my eyes watery whenever i apply it (do you get what i mean?)

What i like:
Affordable (35.00 php)

Solution :
I've got a solution on my problem,right now i'm using this product to fill in my brows.


EB eyepencil 1 application;Aido pencil 5 application

I didn't say that this is not a good product but i'll say that this is NOT for the waterline.
(haha because it is for the brows)

So, i'am an epic fail about this post LOL because I thought that this product is for the eyes/waterline, and now after a year I just realized that this pencil is really for your BROWS lol.

I've been using this for a month now that is why the print of the product name already fades.

So that is the explanation why the color does not transfer very well on my waterline, because  the pencils has a waxy that all eyebrow pencil have.

i do not have perfect eyebrows so please bar with it :)

Rate: 2/5 4 of  5

Repurchase : No
I think i'll change my answer to Yes, because it works perfectly for my eyebrows and it is very long lasting.

Hope this was helpful for some of you. Thanks for reading !



  1. Wow, super mura nga! I got a few lipsticks from Aido before, P25 and P50 lang. Haven't tried any other product from them aside from those lipsticks.

    Anyway, at least you can still use this pencil for your brows. For the waterline, I like using In2it's gel liner pencil, Nichido Girls' Night Out black pencil (super black niya although medyo madali magsmudge) and the Ever Bilena Advance pencil too :)

    1. Thank you for dropping by ate.
      I should try those out :)

  2. I remember I'm a huge fan of Aido powder way back in high school. I knew this brand from my mom. I haven't seen them for a while in malls, so I thought this brand is no longer selling items until I saw their kiosk at moa and bought a lipstick for only 50 pesos :D Aido has really affordable items but of course, quality goes with the price it depends on the technique we're going to do maximize the use of a product.

    It's nice that you can still use in on your brows but I won't repurchase this too just like you. Try Nichido for local brands and ever bilena, they have better liners I believe :)

  3. San po merong aido cosmetics sa mandaluyong area.. Thanks