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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Aido Classic Lipstick !

Finally, i had a time to review this lipstick. I have three shades of this lipstick; Shade O,F and H.
The first time  i saw this lipstick i thought its a shimmer lipstick but after i applied on my lips the shimmers eventually disappeared thus it looked matte but not super matte or like other matte lipstick.

Shade O: Red color. This shade is perfect for smokey eye look.

Shade F: Fuchsia color. A blogger said that this will look great with bear eyes, and i agree with her.

Shade H. Coral tone. This is my favorite shade, i use this a lot because its like natural lips.


Packaging: The packaging is fine.I just love that the ingredients is printed on the tube.

What i like:
Affordable (50.00) 
UPDATE: As of September 14 2014. This lipstick costs PHP 59.00
Very pigmented

What i don't like:
A bit drying,you may need to apply Vaseline or lip balm.

Lasting Powers:  3-4 (without eating a meal)hours not bad for a 50.00 lipstick.One more thing i love about this is every time i drink water or soda,the lipstick doesn't fades easily and that is AMAZING for a 50.00 lipstick.

That's all i hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading !!
Have you tried this ? Or have you tried Aido Cosmetics yet ?
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  3. Oooh, I also have one! Forgot what shade, though. I agree, for P50, it's not too bad.

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