Black Bow Tie EY-ES-GIE by Sharleen Garcia: G-Clef Nails !!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

G-Clef Nails !!

G clef nail art

I’ve seen this nail art once while I was searching images on Google, if I may not mistaken the girl who wore this nail art is a celebrity in Hollywood. She wore that on Grammy's 2013 but I don’t know her.


Watch my tutorial:

You should take some practice in doing this nail art especially the G-clef. I do a lot of practice on how to draw a perfect G clef on my nails. You should also use an acrylic paint here because it is much easier to use in making a designs in nail art. The three lines on my nails symbolize the staff in Music Sheet and then the G-clef!!

Hope you enjoy!! Thanks for reading & watching!!
Have a nice day !



  1. lovely! :)) That G clef is hard to draw on my tiny little nails! hahaha

    1. Thanks ate !! Take a lot of practice so you can draw it properly :)