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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bendy Rollers !!

These past few months I want to curl my hair but I don’t want to use an heat like curling iron. I’ve tried many techniques like..
curling using a sock bun, using the sock itself, using a paper, using a foil etc. etc. its just too many to mention, but I like the most is using a Bendy Rollers.

This Bendy Rollers is foam with a bendable wire inside so you can twist wherever you want. There are two ways to curl your hair using this; 1st is overnight and the 2nd is waiting for a few hours. For the overnight of course you’ll sleep with the bendy rollers on and untangle it in the morning.
Make sure to leave some space at the back of your head so you fall asleep properly
 For the 2nd way you’ll gonna wait for about 3-4 hours and blow dry it for about 3-5 minutes just to make sure your hair is completely dry. For the 2nd way you’ll gonna get a loose-beachy wavy hair 

unlike the 1st way you’ll gonna get a tight curls  

The only thing I dislike about the 2nd way is it will not stay longer it will just stay for a couple of hours about 3-5 hours and leaves a wavy hair.

 Watch my video:)

I hope this is helpful & thanks for reading


For my PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS readers you can buy Bendy Rollers HERE


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  2. Where did you get your bendy curler?

    1. There's a link up there !!
      Here's the link if you cant find,Position,1-1,1,Other+Ads,1