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Friday, June 28, 2013

D.I.Y Primer

I’ve been looking for an affordable eye/face primer these past few months but I can’t find any, Until I discovered the DIY eye primer,
I saw this as I search on Google, they used lotion and liquid foundation BUT  I kinda have a second thought of using lotion on my face (gosh is it really okay??) 

So I researched and found out that it is a BIG NO to use your lotion on your pretty face because it can clogged pores on your face and there is a ingredients on the lotion that is very harmful to your face (but I don’t know what that is :D), and I’m SO glad that I researched before I use lotion on my face.

But some people use lotion to their face because they said it didn’t gave them any breakouts, but still I believe that lotion is harmful to your face unless it is stated that that the lotion is for the face (okay is the last part make any sense? If you get what I’m trying to say thanks, if not, sorry pls. understand me :D )
Back to the DIY, I have excess Face&Body Sunblock last summer and I used it to alternate to the lotion because I think it is more okay to use it and here’s my version of DIY Primer

Materials needed:
1. Small Container,2.Toothpicks,3. Suncelle Sunblock,4. Careline Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation
Small Container


In the small container pour same amount of the sunblock and the foundation.

Then mix it using the toothpick, the color should be the same as your liquid foundation.

You may stop to this part because it is already finished you may now use it as your primer.
But if you have oily lids/face you may need to add some setting powder or just baby powder to slightly prevent the oiliness.

You can watch HERE where i used my D.I.Y Primer
And you’re done. Simple huh?
What do you think? Let me know, I hope this was helpful for some of you and I hope you enjoy reading.
Thanks see you on my next post.


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  1. looks nice :) by the way.. can you give me the link of where you find this very useful DIY? :))