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Saturday, September 17, 2016

iWhite BBHolic Everyday BB Cream Review

"iWhite Korea BBholic is a multi-tasking BB Cream that provides several maleup and skincare benefits.It is perfect for everyday use as it is infused with over 10 plants extracts to ensure that your skin is taken care of while looking refreshingly beautiful."
(description at the back of BBHolic packaging)

I'am not a foundation/BB/CC cream type of girl but I want to make sure to try different kinds of those, of course to experience it and share my thoughts with you guys.

So for today (actually i did this review last summer so dahil mainit noon ang bilis mag oil ng face ko), I will review the iWhite BB holic Cream, this is probably the most affordable BB Cream in the market, it's from the brand iWhite Korea which also the brand of my most trusted moisturizer that's why i did not hesitate din to try it and of course it's super mura pa so why not diba?!


As most of i white product it comes in a sachet pack, the whole pack is divided into 2 potion, each product has a 2 ml of product thus the whole contains 4ml.


The formulation of this is kinda water especially when you're applying na onto your face, it kinda reminds me of the iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream tho.

Swatch (Shade: Beige)

Bare face


It's a light coverage but it is also buildable, i think it is still has great coverage since this is an everyday BB cream, it is not heavy on the skin too. This bb cream has a dewy finish.

L; with BB Holic ; R: without

Blended, one layer

I set this with a powder since i did not use mattifier. I used Avon Loose Shaker Powder

Selfie with natural lighting.

After an hour, i started to oiled up, especially on my t-zone area.

After 2 hours, hello! oiliness.

So i retouch my face remove all the oiliness, and put some lipstick and lenses.


Another selfie.

Almost no product on my face. taken this at the 4th hour.


When i first tried it, i got oily on the first hour, but when i used it again and road test it, i did not easily oiled up, it stays on for almost 5 hours (including touch ups). I think because that time is sooo init at ang bilis kong pagpawisan.


I think this is an amazing product, for an affordable price of 24.50 pesos. I recommend this to those people like me, who doesn't like much foundations, tweens, teens since its very light on your face and best for everyday use. Though this isn't for the people who are into coverage, since it doesn't give too much coverage.

That's it for this post, missed doing this kind of post.
Hope this was helpful for some of you.
See you on my next post 

Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience and opinion. This product may or may not work for everyone. Thank you.


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