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Monday, October 10, 2016

Sample Room # 6: Skin White

This sample is probably one of the best sample I've had so far.

I'm so happy that I was able to get the three Skin White products. I can say that I save a lot of money availing this samples, because i got some almost full size of the products though i'm not into lotions but this one was really amazing set of samples.

I remember, I was having a hard time getting this set because Sample Room is still not giving back my points that time and the stocks are running out. Thankfully they restock the week after.

I dont know what happende but the bag is broken when i got the package, thankfully hindi naman naapektuhan yung products.

Here are the products:

Skin White Classic Lotion

Skin White Advance Whitening Lotion

Skin White Advance Whitening Face Cream Powder
in Light Beige

This product is my favorite in this set hahaha.

Let me share you their prices in the market:

Skin White Classic Lotion  - PHP 79.20
Skin White Advance Lotion  - PHP 123.25
Skin White Advance whitening Cream  - PHP 82.80
For a total of: PHP 285.25

But i only paid for only PHP 110.00 for the shipping fee, See, i really did save  a lot right? For only a hundred plus pesos i got to test out this set of products.

If you're curious about Sample Room, check out their site 

That's all for this post, i hope you enjoy!
See you on my next post  


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