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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mabrook Matte Eyeshadow Review

My mom is currently working in Kuwait, that's why she's giving me an Arabic makeup brand whenever I her to buy me some makeup products. So today I'm reviewing an Arabic makeup brand called Mabrook Matte Eyeshadow  in Black.

So,let's get started.

The packaging
The color combination of th box; gold and black makes it look classy. The packaging of the eye shadow itself has nothing special to it.

The shade of it is black,and you know guys this is the blackest eyeshadow i have ever seen,the texture of the eyeshadow is of course matte its also velvety type eyeshadow and its very very pigmented even if you just softly touch it you can get pretty much eyeshadow on your fingers, Here's some swatch :

Very pigmented
Travel friendly packaging
Very matte

Has a smell, i just can't explain it

So sad that i dont know the price of it,but if you do let me know down below :)

Where to buy
This is another story, i know its an arabic makeup brand so you can get this ion arabic country but i dont know if theres an online shop that is selling this kind of product.

I used this eye shadow and this is what i came up with,

Hope you enjoy my review on this product and I hope this helps for some of you!
Thanks for the time to read!
See you on my next post.


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