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Monday, August 15, 2016

RUNVE Teeth Whitening Pen Review

A few months ago i was contacted by if i could do some review on one of their products and i definitely say yes! 
They asked me to choose one product of them to do a review, and i choose this Teeth Whitening Pen, since i have a yellowish teeth i thought this might be a help for me and of course i wanted to have a white teeth, who doesn't right?

I cant understand anything on the back of this product since its on Chinese characters, so i have to visit their site to look for some directions about this product.

I tested this product for almost 3 months long interval because i wanted to know if the  result of the product will last, and how long it would be. What i'm going to indicate on this review is all based on my experience.

I'm happy 'cause the expiry date is indicated at the back.

What i really like about this product is that it whiten my teeth, though its not that super white but it really does lighten my teeth the way i wanted to. So i can say that this product works and i recommend it. Plus points to the smell of this product, it has this distinct medicinal smell that i think its not bad since its a "whitening product" i really expect that, but this one is really tolerable.

I dont know how to call it, because its in the middle of pro and con of this product, so lets call it neutral feelings of mine hahaha, well its because of the product price, for me as a student its kinda pricey 'cause giiirrll cant afford that, (sorry kuripot eh chaar!) but as for the working peeps its really affordable compare to the sessions in dentist clinic, but hey i didn't say that this is a better option, just wanted to share something you could try out and help you a little. 

There's only one thing that i didn't like about the product, and that is, its very time consuming. When i asked them how long  i would leave the product to my teeth, they said it is more effective to leave it for 30 minutes without a contact on your lips to instantly see the difference, but girl  nakakangalay yun diba? hahaha.  So i just did 5 minutes only and i can say it is still effective that way. And then waiting for 30 to intake something, that's for a total of  35 minutes long, that's why i said its very time consuming.

For more details on this product click the link:

Left to Right:
1st pic: Before using the whitening pen.
2nd pic: 1st week of using the product.
3rd pic: 3rd week of using the product. I stopped using the product after this because i wanted to know how long it would take to bring back to its original yellowish color of my teeth. And guess what?
4th pic: This picture is taken exactly 2 and half month after i stopped using the product, and it is just starting to get yellowish again. So i can say that it is effective and last long.

So overall, this is definitely a great product, it really works and effective, i recommend it for you guys to try it out!
I hope you like this. See you on my next post 

DISCLAIMER: This product was sent to me by, but all thoughts and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.


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