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Saturday, July 2, 2016

My Top 5 Beauty Essentials to School

Its been a month since back-to-school has started and as one of the students in the polluted air of Metro Manila, I make sure to use my beauty essential to, and while at my school. Let me share you  my top 5 beauty essentials.
Let me start sharing you first my beauty essential before going to school.

 Facial Wash
Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash

I make sure to include this on my daily routine in the bathroom because it helps to cleanse my face and remove dirt's and reduce oiliness on my face for the entire day.

iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita

After taking bath I make sure to use moisturizer on my face it helps to prevent the dryness to my face and also moisturize it since i'm exposed too much on the sunlight.

The next part of my essentials is what i use usually while i'm at school.

Lip balm
Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow

I have a dry and chapped lips so i use lip balm as much as i can to moisturize it and also it is my alternative for lipsticks since I  don't wear lipsticks to school.

Wet wipes
Sanicare Cleansing Wipes

I always bring wet wipes whenever i go out, i use it to cleanse my face outside whenever i feel my face is so icky and oil, i feel fresh whenever i use it on my face hahaha, is it just me? or kayo rin?

Blotting Sheets
Finess Oil Control Sheets

I dont usually use blotting sheets since i prefer wet wipes to keep away oiliness on my face but from time to time i use blotting sheets, i'm not too oily din naman kasi.

That all you guys.
What are your beauty essentials to school?
Share them down below!
See you on y next post 


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