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Friday, May 27, 2016

No Mirror Makeup Challenge

This is my entry for the last Tupperware Brands, Colour Collection contest, the "No Mirror Makeup Challenge" let me share you my experience.

One of the contest rules is that we have to make a 5 minutes video of doing the challenge, and as i've said on the video my peg for the contest will be a party makeup look.

Watch the video

You can also watch it on my Facebook Page

Actually i really think that i failed the challenge hahahaha, kasi naman as you've seen on the video nahirapan ako sa eye makeup hahahaha, especially when i was putting on some fake eyelashes, i think I almost gave up on that part charoot!

Here is my finished full face makeup look

The contest is already over and they already announced the winner, well I failed to win, its okay.
And one of the reasons i think i failed the contest is that my video is not complete nung matatapos na mac'cut siya because i didn't know na my camera wasn't filming anymore kung kailan patapos na yung makeup ko, nakakalungkot kaya, na in the middle of editing your video malalaman mo na hindi pala buo yung finilm mo sakit sa puso girl hahahaha.

For the closer look of eye makeup #hindipantay

Look at that horrible false eyelashes hahahaha

Hindi ko na nga sana ito ipopost as in nagdadalawang isip na ako, but then in the end inost ko pa rin siya hahaha since i've enjoyed doing the challenge naman nakakaloka kaya at syempre umasa din akong manalo hehehehe

So now, i would like to share some photos of mine wearing the makeup i created without using mirror #soproud

Overall, I think i did okay naman for my  finished look diba?! I was amazed on how it turned out alright, Watcha' think??

I hope you did enjoy this post as much as i did on making this challenge!
Have a nice day ahead!
See you on my next post  


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