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Sunday, May 29, 2016

I Want to Become Sample Room's next Beauty Insider

Sample Room has been helping me to try and test out their product before actually buying the real thing.
Their famous tagline "Try before you buy" is what interest me the most when i saw their ads in the internet before. I got curious. So when i checked out and browse through their site, I immediately fell in love with their purpose and goals so without hesitations I signed up and became a Sample Roomie.

So if you got curious about Sample Room better check them out now and you might be a new roomie without you even knowing it :)

Sample Room link:

As time goes by, I realized that Sample Room and I almost have the same agenda to their roomies and to my readers we are empowering them to be beautiful in their own self and helping them to find the right products they need for their beauty problems they're facing.

So after I heard they were looking for a next beauty insider and i wanted to try my luck! I wanted to expand my boundaries to take on the opportunity as the next beauty insider. I want to become Sample Room's next beauty insider because being able to be part of their team and to contribute my ideas and skills would mean so much to me, and of course reaching out to a bigger audience, opportunities and experience that i know would shape me up more to become a better creator as a blogger, person and an influence to the youth and especially to the other people who are facing the same beauty problem like i do.

Hoping to be part of their team and be the next beauty insider!
Hope to win!
Thanks for your time.
Have a nice day.
See  you on my next post 


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