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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Online Window Shop: Lipsticks!!

If you'll ask me what is my favorite makeup, I'll absolutely say it gonna be the Lipsticks!!
I think lipstick is a must have makeup product for every girls because for me we don't need to wear a ton of makeup on our face just to look more beautiful, I can say that lipsticks are enough to make us look more prettier and to have a whole new look, and also I think that lipsticks can make a huge difference to your face.

I really love lipsticks that's why I love to look at different online stores to find some other brands of lipsticks, and also to search some new lipstick product to try out soon and I'd like to share to some online store I found through browsing.


As their shop name says, they're selling US authentic lipstick like MAC,NYX, Milani,Melt and other US cosmetic brands. Check out their site to see more of their products, you can also find them on all the bazaar happenings around the metro.


Zalora Philippines

They don't only sell clothes,shoes,bags etc., but you can also find some beauty products through their site, they offer various lip products and brands. I've also found a new makeup line while browsing their site and I think that's call Nena. You can check out their collection here.


The Primp Pad

This site is one of my favorite online shop,They sell US authentic products in much cheaper price, They don't only sell lipsticks but also other makeup products.


Hope you could check them out!
What is your favorite lipstick brand?
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