Black Bow Tie EY-ES-GIE by Sharleen Garcia: Makeup by Sharleen Garcia


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Makeup by Sharleen Garcia

I was asked by Ate Vanessa to do her makeup and also her other two friends  because they'll going to attend their friend's wedding.

Its my first time to do other person's makeup, I mean people that i don't really know, except for Ate Vanessa -- I've known Ate Vanessa for a few years now but the two other person, I just met them the day I did their makeup.

I told them I'm not a professional and they said its okay lang naman daw, I did their face and eye makeup except their eyebrows, because I'm having a hard time filling other person's eyebrows, but I'm on the process of learning it. Luckily, Ate Phen knows how to fill in brows properly (she even said that's her forte hehehe) that's why she does her own brows and also Ate Claire's.

Let me share you their before and after pictures:

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