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Sunday, April 21, 2013

D.I.Y Matte Nails

Are you tired of your regular polish?? because i'am.So i made a D.I.Y Matte Nails.I love to have a matte nails but i don't have enough money/allowance to buy a matte nail polish 

beacause it is too expensive here in Manila so i experiment something and came up with this,here's a tutorial on my D.I.Y Matte Nails. You can do your D.I.Y Matte nails by using a cornstarch,flour or even a face powder,you can do your nails by using all the materials you can see around your house so it's not expensive it's very cheap right??.The only thing that i dont like about it,is our nails will be rough but not too rough, but it doesnt matter as long as it's beautiful on your nails,just go wear it.YOU ROCK !! :D.And i know that all your friends will be jealous on your nails,that's to good for you right?? joke :D .But if you don't like it and you have a money to buy matte nailpolish, just go to your nearest department store and buy one, i know that there's a lot of matte polish right there.Enjoy your D.I.Y matte nails and thanks for reading.

Here's some pictures:

L-R: BK Nail Polish in #34 Green Tea,Sweet Cherry Nail Polish in Magic Black,Twinkle Nail Sparkler in Sea Pink,Caronia Nail Polish in Tangerine,Caronia NAil Polish in Blue Berry

After brushing all out the excess of cornstarch

Left pic.:Matte nails when wet;Right pic: After air dried

Left: With regular nail polish;Right: Mattified nails

This nails polish will last up to 2-5 days.
Rate :  ★ ★ ★ ★  4/5
Enjoy your mattified nails and have fun. Have a great day !!!


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