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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Davao Escapde

Part  1

  Actually our Davao Vacation is done about two weeks ago , I was just a little busy that's why i didn't post it earlier. It was a bit sad coz our dad is unable to come to us due to his work :( . So here's our ticket to Davao :)
Our plane :)
and before we take off , of course we took a picture !!
Bye Bye Manila !!
and while we're on air we took some pictures of the clouds


The clouds were so thick thats why we got a little problem while were in the middle of no where :) but thank God the captain immediately fixed the problem !! and were almost in Davao, actually were in Davao when i have taken this

Then Landing .......
and were finally in land hehehe :D !!
But before we finally leave the plane we took a photo to say
"Welcome Davao !!!"
My sister and i want to take a picture with  the big Durian Fruit outside of the airport but sadly we can't because we need to wait for our aunties to arrived so we can't leave and just stay outside the airport :( so we just took a picture with this thingy inside the airport (just to relieve our frustration :])
my sister

the worst part of the picture is , its against the light so its blurred (another frustration :] )
then we stayed here for the night
what a beautiful house :)
and that's the part 1 of our escapade, we have a lot more pictures and frustration hehehe
hope you enjoy !!
♥ shar
xoxo :*


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