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Monday, May 25, 2015

Avon Ultra Color Matte Lipstick Review

"A matte lipstick that feels good as it looks. An innovative formula that delivers rich,dramatic color that maintains a supple,moisturizing feel."
description taken from Avon brochure

I've always wanted to have matte lipsticks, so when i found out that the matte lipsticks are on sale on Avon brochure i immediately grab one of the shades.
So lets start my review.

The black acrylic packaging is very sleek and it also gives a very elegant look. It has also a peek window on top so you can see the color of the lipstick on the tube.

Though they say its a matte lipstick, i would say this isn't really matte. It is more of a creamy type matte of a lipstick.

[L] with flash ; [R] without flash

They have 6 shades available and I have 2 shades here.

Matte Merlot
A dark red lipstick. This is the darkest shade available on their collection.

[L] with flash ; [R] without flash

► Longevity, it last up to 2-3 hours
► No scent, i can't really smell anything a on this.

► Leaves marks around my lips at the end of the day and sometimes after every meal.
► At the 2nd hour, my lips are starting to get dry and chapped 
► And also at the 3rd hour the dry skin flakes are starting to get visible.

Matte Fuchsia
The darker shade of pink in their collection. A pink shade of lipstick with a blue hue in it.

[L] with flash ; [R] without flash

► Longevity, it last up to 3-4 hours, this one is stays longer on my lipstick than the Merlot shade.
► Scent, this has a fruity smell but its not too strong.

This is a great lipstick to try out, though I wish they had more available shade especially the nude shade, I also think that though they were on the same collection the two lipstick has a different feature, still I'll definitely recommend you guys to try it out.

Thanks for the time to read!
Have a nice day!
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