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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Makeup : Simple,Quick and Easy Witch Makeup

Happy Halloween guys !! I just wanted to share some simple Halloween makeup to you guys, hope you'll like it
Now lets get started,

First apply primer and foundation as you usually do, try to skip putting some concealer since Witches doesn't have flawless complexion or skin.

Next is the eye shadow, I use only one eye shadow since its super quick makeup look for Halloween.

Apply black eye shadow on your lids

Then blend it, try to wing out the eye shadow a little bit.

You might also put some black eye shadow on your lower lash line

Then retouch the shadow by applying another black eye shadow to adjust  the opaqueness of it.

Here is the wing i'm talking about .

Apply black eyeliner on your upper and lower waterline 

Curl up your lashes and apply mascara, you can also apply false lashes if you want to.

Fill in your brows with black eye shadow.

I skipped applying blush on but if you wanted to, you can do so, i just wanted to look more ill by not applying any, but its all up to you :)

Next is the lips,you should put lip balm first to moisturize your lips especially when you have a chapped lips.

Line your lips with black.Then apply black eye shadow.

You might also like to add more drama by wearing contact lenses. That's it guys its super simple,quick and easy to do :) and I hope you like this step by step makeup tutorial that i did, its my first time to do a step by step tutorial here in my blog and i had so much fun doing it

My eyes on the final pictures are different than the step by step picture because i already wore the makeup look before making this step by step post :)

Happy Halloween !!!!
I hope you enjoy reading this post
Thank you guys
See you on my next post.

Have a great day !



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