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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sophie Paris Lipstick in Red Pepper

I just found out that Karlina (Check her BLOG) nominate me for her Liebster Award!!! THANK YOU !
I saw Sophie Paris Lipstick on Ms. Karla Gonzales blog (Check her BLOG) and i hurriedly check on the internet where can i buy this Sophie Lipstick luckily
i found a nearest Sophie store here in my place.Honestly, its really hard to find a Sophie store here in Manila but you can check HERE to know where's the nearest Sophie Store at your place. Note: The site is for the Philippine residents only.

I gave this lipstick to my sister as a birthday gift to her but i told her i should review this first on my blog before she can use it hahahaha :D LOL!

OK Lets begin :

Packaging: It doesn't look cheap at all, nothing special to it. I just hate that the prints easily fades. 

Lasting Hours: 3-4 hours.This is one thing i like to this product,even after drinking water/anything liquid it doesn't fades at all and thats very nice.

What i like: Very pigmented
                     Its creamy matte
                     Last for the rest of the day
                     Doesn't have nasty smell,though it has a scent but its tolerable.
What i dont like: Prints easily fades.

Price: 85.00. When i saw this at Ms. Karla it was 79.00 only but when i got on the store the lady said its already 85.00.(whew ! i was really sad because the price just hiked haha LOL!)

Sorry the picture us blurry.

 On my lips

Available Shades: Red Pepper (is the shade of this lipstick)I really cant remember  all but they have a lot of shades to choose from.
A little tip:  This lipstick is a little bit dry so if you don't want that put a lipbalm or vaseline before applying this lipstick.

Where to buy :  Sophie Paris Store and Sophie Representative.

Check out their website:

I really love this  Sophie Lipstick. I'll definitely update you if i bought a new shade of it.
What can you say ? leave a comment below !
Thanks for reading! Have a nice day !


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