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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Local & Foreign Cuisine

Okay, i was on my blogger dashboard and saw this post on my drafts, i completely forgot about this hahaha  sorry about that but its actually alright that I'm only gonna post it today since it already June and its Back-to-School season na.

As promised im going to share to you guys what weve cook for the whole semester, its the same as the first sem, we are divided into groups and cook the different cuisine that was assigned to us.

As we study and tackle the Philippine cuisine, we made and cook the different delicacies that is famous on every region that was assigned to us. We also studied the Foreign or the international cuisines, ive learn the different table etiquettes and eating manners of the coutries that we tackled. As we cooked their cuisines weve learned their different native taste for their liking and how they made ttheir food.

Im happy that we have a subject like this, because it gave me ideas and expand my knowledge on how the other countries made their food and also learn new things that I can share with.


Bulalo Mami


Noelle Snadwich

Ginat-an Manok with Duyaw & Siling Labuyo

Duyaw is yellow ginger.


Tiola Sapi


Sorry i forgot what it is called.



Chinese Cuisine

USA Cuisine

Thai Cuisine

Vietnam Cuisine

Canadian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine

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Japanese Cuisine

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DISCLAIMER: Some of the photos here were taken by my classmates.


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