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Saturday, March 14, 2015

My 2nd Sample Room Experience x Ponds

Last February 27 - March 6, Sample Room gave out free samples and free shipping on their newest product sample.
And I was lucky enough to grab some samples of Ponds Cleansing Gel. It takes me a few days to finally get a sample, because every time I visit their site it is always out of stock, grabe sobrang bilis maubos.

My thoughts on this product:
I love the packaging of it, its a tube type of packaging with a little nozzle so that you can control how much product you want to use. I also like that the tube is slightly transparent so you can easily see if your running out of product.
The formula is transparent crystal like gel and also it is very thick. I just need a small size amount of the product for my whole face. I love the smell of the Ponds cleansing gel,, It has rosy and floral-y scent which is very nice

I'm sure you've experienced also the dry and tight feeling after washing your face with other brand and other Ponds cleanser (I used the POND'S Pure White Deep Cleansing and I always felt that feeling)  But with this new Pond's products, 
It'll leave your skin soft,smooth and fresh feels.
This gel type formula is not foamy but don't worry about it because it will still cleanse your face really well.

As for the Dewy Rose Gel, I find the product okay, it moisturize my face really well. I just have 2 things I don't like about this product, first is the smell -- i don't really like the scent of it -- parang amoy alak hahaha, sobrang sakit sa ilong. The second one is my nose area, it tend to oil up more than I usually have and i don't know why that happens, that's why I only use this at night.

photo taken from SampleRoomPH

My review on SampleRoom site.

And as for my overall experience, I definitely recommend this to everyone as the product is suitable for sensitive skin, it is really a must have.

Sample Room is really nice that they gave out free net sponge and a sample for the new fragrance of DKNY.

Have you guys snag out some Ponds sample on Sample Room? 
What can you say about the product?
Leave a comment down below.
See you on my next post.


  1. I have yet to try out the new gel facial cleanser..hehe. they have been releasing a lot of new stuff recently :)

    1. Yes! Oh I heard pa the next product samples are from Shiseido! I just don't know what it is hehe. But I'm very much excited !!!