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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sample Room #7 Haul

My 7th Sample Room  haul.

The package comes with ther old bag packaging which is the  brown bag with their logo on it. I was expecting, yes i'm expecting to get the newest design of the bag or the floral design but with the blue color. 
(Sana po mabasa ng Sample Room ito ibigay niyo po sakin yung blue na floral design huhuhu sige na po, favorite ko lang po talaga ang blue. HAHAHA char!)


Screenshot from my old Sample Room haul, noon pa man gusto ko na talaga yung blue na packaging hahaha. See Post HERE

Here are the following products I got from Sample Room and the reviews i gave and posted on their site.

Silka Moisturizing Milk Soap with Avocado Oil 

"Right after taking a bath, my skin became soft and supple. It also cleanses well and made my skin very soft. About whitening, it does not lighten my skin after using the whole bar. As for the scent i'm not quite fond of the smell but its not that too strong, so its fine with me."

Lux Magic Spell Bar

 "The scent smells like an expensive perfume but it does not last long after taking a bath. This soap make my skin moisturize, clean, refresh feels and it doesn't irritate my skin at all. Still definitely worth trying"

Shades Cream Hair Dye (Light Brown)

"I have a long,thick and black hair so one tube is not enough for my hair, i think 2-4 tube is enough to achieve the light brown shade if you have a black hair. It doesn't give color to my hair that much after using but when I'm outside and there's a sunlight I can see a hint of light brown on my hair. I don't really like the ammonia scent that stays after washing my hair. It did dry my hair a little bit after using. Overall it still a great experience trying this product. I think I would recommend this to the person who have a light shade of hair and just want to go back to a darker shade"

Let me share you their prices in the market:

Silka Moisturizing Milk Soap with Avocado Oil  - PHP 32.00
Lux Magic Spell Bar - PHP 39.00
Shades Cream Hair Dye (Light Brown) - PHP 120.00

For a total of  PHP 191.00
but i just paid PHP 110 for the shipping fee, so nice diba ?!

So if you guys wanna try Sample Room just visit their site.

That's all for this post, i hope you enjoy!
See you on my next post  


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